Free on-line access of the graphic novel « Fukushima 3.11 »

This graphic novel was first published in the magazine TOPO, No.15 (Jan/Feb 2019). It is based on the story of Suguru, collected in a research project of the French National Centre for Scientific Research. This graphic novel is presented by the NGO Nos Voisins Lointains 3.11 (Our Distant Neighbors 3.11) based in Grenoble, France, which promotes cooperation with victims of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

Suguru, the boy who was 15 years old when he was first interviewed, is from Koriyama town, which is outside the mandatory evacuation zones. The evacuees from these territories are called “voluntary evacuees” or “auto-evacuees” in comparison with the forced evacuees, and are often the targets of criticism and bullying, since they have dared make the decision to leave, even though the government had not given them an evacuation order.

Clique to open Fukushima 3.11

Damien Vidal is a graphic artist who is particularly interested in subjects with a social and historical dimension (« Lip, ordinary heroes » with L. Galandon, « Golden Dawn » with S. Ricard …).

Kurumi Sugita, retired from the French National Centre for Scientific Research, is an anthropologist and founder of the association Nos Voisins Lointains 3.11.

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