Petition Call for fair deliberation and judgment for the « Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation »

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To the Civil Department of Fukushima District Court

There are two parts in the « Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation »: the « Children’s Rights Trial  » and the « Parent-Child Trial ». In the case of the first trial the defendants are the local governments. The plaintiffs demand the recognition of the right of primary and secondary school students of Fukushima Prefecture to enjoy education in a healthy environment. The second trial requires the recognition of the responsibility of the central and prefectural governments for not having taken the necessary protective measures and thus for unnecessarily exposing the children to radiation. The civil party, consisting of children and their parents who were residents in the Fukushima Prefecture when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident occurred, seeks compensation from the Fukushima prefectural and Japanese central governments.

The Japanese government totally underestimates the health risks associated with low-dose radiation exposure, and with internal radiation from the soil, water or air, or from contaminated substances. As a result, many children are exposed to the radiation they could have avoided. According to the thyroid examinations performed on children and adolescents under the age of 18 at the time of the nuclear accident, as of December 25, 2017, the number of cancers diagnosed was 193 cases. However, the government continues to consider that there is no link between this fact and irradiation, and has not undertaken research to find out the cause of the greatly increased frequency*. We must protect children from radiation. Since the government refuses to take action, it is our deepest wish that the judiciary would make a reasonable judgment taking reality into account.

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Below is the text prepared by the Citizens’ Network for Evacuation from Radiation Japan (of March 2018) which explains the context. Continuer à lire … « Petition Call for fair deliberation and judgment for the « Trial to Protect Children from Irradiation » »